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Carrier SMS Solution

Last updated: January 20, 2021.

The telecom industry is among the most dynamic business areas. Technology is evolving daily and identifies opportunities to introduce new features and products. If we research the statistics of the last few years, we can see tremendous growth in the SMS traffic volumes, mostly because of the A2P messaging development.

The trend is clearly outlined and continues its upward trajectory. At the same time, messaging margins drop leads to the situation when carriers have to process more traffic to sustain and increase their profits. These conditions mean that wholesale messaging providers will demand cost-effective and affordable all-in-one carrier SMS solutions that are feature-rich and high-performance.

Demand for quality SMS platforms is rising as carriers jostle to be in the right spot when the peak of the changes hits. To prove this, we permanently develop our SMS hubbing platform and extend our customer base.

Advanced functionality

We pack our carrier SMS solution with a complete set of functionalities that covers all aspects of the SMS business and guarantees an exceptional A2P messaging service.

After the HTTP protocol implementation in 2019, we have prepared a range of major updates in our latest version. We released it at the beginning of 2021. As a result, MediaCore SMS equips carriers with all the needed tools to build up their traffic volumes and continue growth amid future margin drops as well as encourages new players to enter the market and drive the whole industry forward.

Flexible and cost-effective licensing

Speedflow has adopted several policies to accommodate both established SMS carriers and new market entrants. These efforts are reflected by the implemented features and performance of MediaCore SMS and its flexible purchase and subscription plans. We offer a carrier SMS solution that does not compromise on functionality but comes with a very reasonable price.

We provide a wide range of rent packages and licensing options. Firstly, clients can pay monthly depending on the total number of SMS. Secondly, they can proceed with a one-off payment and buy their carrier SMS solution license. Additionally, MediaCore customers can use our dedicated server. 

Purchased licenses are limited by the number of SMS per second only. They are flexible and can be extended anytime on the fly. Moreover, we have good news for companies that use our Class 4 VoIP Softswitch – MediaCore SBC. The carrier SMS Solution can be utilized both as a standalone product and as an integrated part of the all-in-one Class 4 MediaCore Solution. That means carriers can get a unified voice and SMS solution as a single point of control. 

All of the rented and hosted licenses include free installation, free training sessions, and always helpful 24/7 software technical support.

Carrier SMS Solution reviews

You’ve read enough about the MediaCore SMS platform from us. But do you want to see the feedback of the MediaCore customers? Why do SMS carriers trust us? You are welcome to check their testimonials. We have many partners who were looking for their first SMS Softswitch. It was a difficult period for them to launch a completely new business. But with the MediaCore SMS platform, they managed not only to enter the market but strengthen their market position and grow. We are glad to share their success stories. 

Also, there are experienced telecommunications service providers and wholesale messaging carriers. You can see how the MediaCore SMS platform optimized its business.

Try by yourself

Finally, do you know that almost half of the VoIP businesses have already implemented SMS services too? Don’t wait till the last moment! Now, that you know about our high-performance and cost-effective carrier SMS solution, we invite you to learn it even better. It says that better to try something once than to read about it a thousand times.

Contact our software sales team to arrange a presentation and review demo. Try all the beneficial features by yourself and become a part of the growing MediaCore community. 




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