Mediacore Softswitch New Release (v.2.14)

Mediacore New Release

We are pleased to announce the new release of the Mediacore Softswitch (release 2.14).

There are several new functions, changes in core logic, routing and billing has been added. The billing interface has changed with improving of the reports functionality.

First of all, menu apperance was optimize to exclude unused features. There are  significant changes undergone the CallPath section.

In addition, some advanced features was implemented as follows:

  • Price creation wizard;
  • A-number, B-number modification;
  • Guardian: Induivudual settings for clients with opportunity to operate with destination codes, not only points as it was before (Personal Settings – Details);
  • Enhanced functionality with exception configuration (function Priority Exceptions – Termination Points);
  • Advanced search criteria subsystem (Traffic Alerts). Fully automated feature allows client to get report to the email with search results (ASR, ACD, Success, Duration, Short Calls, Attempts, TP-OP price);
  • Support for SSL;
  • New features for modeling recommending subsystem Guardian (submenu Priority Trace Tool);
  • Enhanced functions of the system TT (Trouble Tickets);
  • Security improvements

Currently, Mediacore interface includes the following subsystems:

Traffic Tools Subsystem:

  • Active calls (to show active calls with optional filters)
  • Incoming calls (ro view incoming calls with filters)
  • Outgoing calls (to view outgoing calls with filters)
  • Callpath In (to check OP opportunities for access in a certain destination)
  • Callpath Out (to check the possibility of using this TP points with certain OPs)
  • Call charts (to view the chart calls for RTP-machines in any statistical interval)

Reports subsystem:

  • Financial Summary (to generate report on the financial relationships)
  • ASR-ACD variables (to view points condition in the context of ASR-ACD-attempts)
  • OP CallPath Analyzer (to view routes profitability from OP to TP)
  • Incoming Calls by Duration (to review calls duration)
  • Origination Point Analysis (OP financial analysis)
  • Termination Point Analysis (TP financial analysis)
  • Spam calls (to view the report on spam calls)

Client’s management subsystem:

  • Companies (companies profile management)
  • Origination Points (OP management)
  • Termination Points (TP management)
  • Groups (groups operation, relations permissions)

Price management subsystem:

  • Price OP (origination prices management)
  • Price TP (termination prices management)
  • Price status (prices availability by points)
  • Target by prices (optimal price for chosen route report)
  • Available routes by providers (routing costs)
  • Price creation (price creation wizard)

Financial management subsystem:

  • Incoming Traffic Invoices (incoming traffic invoices management)
  • Outgoing Traffic Invoices (outgoing traffic invoices management)
  • Financial Settings (flexible configuration and balance control)
  • Payments (client charges management)

Guardian (dynamic routing with AI decision-making algorithm) subsystem:

  • Recommendations (to review recommendations generated by decision-making module)
  • Actions (to review the actions being made/proposed)
  • Mails (to review emails has sent with recommendations or proposals)
  • Global Settings (Guardian global configuration and settings)
  • Mail Settings (Guardian email system configuration)
  • Priority Settings (priorities configuration)
  • Priority Trace Tool (to review the history of the priority changes being applied)
  • Priority Exceptions (to make an exception list to the decision-making module)
  • Traffic alerts registry (warnings notification system)
  • Traffic alerts settings (warnings notification system settings)

Maintenace subsystem:

  • Hosts Admin (RTP-machines management)
  • Firewall control (access control)
  • Show Ip list (a list of all registered IPs)
  • Action Log (user actions registration system)
  • Turn of Changes (the list of changes being made in the routing that are not applied yet)
  • Destination codes (the list of country codes and destinations)
  • TCP dump (dumping functions)
  • Ping + mtr (GUI representations of well-known commands)
  • Generate CDR (CDR generation)
  • CDR requests control (the queue of CDR will be generated by cron)
  • Users (users management)
  • My info (user information)
  • Owner info (owner information)
  • Add / edit logo (to add a logo to the invoices)
  • Traffic charts (to review traffic charts)

All updates for Mediacore softswitch are available for all our clients with free of charge. Our customers are welcome to use online help, user manual and 24/7 support desk.


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