MediaCore Softswitch New Release (v. 2.22)

Softswitch class 4 Mediacore Release 2.18

Dear Partners! Speedflow’s team is pleased to announce the new release of the Class 4 MediaCore Softswitch.

There are following Web-interface and Billing modifications in 2.22 version:

  • GMT option for invoice creation;
  • Automatic daily CDR upload to external FTP;
  • New filtering options in CDR;
  • New Notification system;
  • New options in ‘Active calls’ menu;
  • PayPal integration.

Also you are expecting to have the following core modifications:

  • T.38 in h323 optimization;
  • h.323 and SIP optimization;
  • termination cause codes optimization.

All updates for the MediaCore class 4 Softswitch are available for all our clients absolutely free of charge.

The updates can be implemented at any convenient time. The process takes less than 30 minutes with the calls proceeding during this time.

Also we are very glad to inform you about expanding of our Technical support team. Speedflow Communications constantly improves the quality of work of the technical support because customer care is above all for us.


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