Mediacore Softswitch New Release

Mediacore New Release

Dear partners,

We are pleased to inform you about  the Mediacore Softswitch New Release (Release 2.12).

The innovations were implemented not only in the system interface (new reports, softswitch management functions), but also the core, routing and billing logic of operation.

Please see below the brief list of implemented functions with comments.

Reports and statistics visualization sub-system:

  • Active calls (active calls display with optional filters)
  • Incoming calls (incoming calls display with filters)
  • Outgoing calls (outgoing calls display with filters)
  • Callpath In (checking if OP has access to the definite destination)
  • Callpath Out (checking if a definite TP can be used by OP)
  • Spam calls (spam calls report)
  • Traffic charts (traffic charts on RTP mechanisms in any static interval)
  • Call charts (calls charts on RTP mechanisms in any static interval)
  • Not Authorized Calls (report on unauthorized calls)
  • ASR-ACD variables (report on the points (OR/TP)  based on the statistics: ASR-ACD-attempts)
  • Incoming Calls by Duration (report on the duration of incoming calls)
  • OP CallPath Analyzer (report on the destination profitability (OP in relation to all TP))
  • Analysis by Client (report on the calls by a  definite company)

Points and a group of points in operation (priorities, vital factors, access level, flexible settings of the points/ group of points)

Prices and their analysis (sub-system of prices upload with the possibility of their amendment during the upload process, analysis, profitability, destination seek according to the chosen price interval, etc.)

Customer care (customers management, direct mailing, notifications)

Financial monitoring, operation with invoices and CDR:

  • Generate CDR (CDR creation/generation)
  • CDR requests control (requests list display)
  • Incoming Traffic Invoices (customer’s invoices management)
  • Outgoing Traffic Invoices (supplier’s invoices management)
  • Client Billing (billing and invoicing, control and reporting)
  • Financial Summary (report on financial summary)
  • Origination Point Analysis (financial analysis of OP)
  • Termination Point Analysis (financial analysis of ТР)
  • Financial Settings (flexible settings and management tools of customers’/suppliers’ payments)

System’s practical functions:

  • Hosts Admin (RTP-mechanism management)
  • Action Log (users activities logging)
  • Firewall control (billing access management with the help of firewall)
  • TCP dump (packet (traffic) dump function from a chosen customer’s address)
  • Turn of Changes (applied alterations display in software configuration)
  • Ping + mtr (graphic view for console commands of ping and mtr)

Guardian Module

  • Recommendations (recommendations display created by the decision module)
  • Actions (applied/cancelled actions display)
  • Mails (recommendations mailing list display)
  • Global Settings (module settings and management)
  • Mail Settings (mailing list service settings and management)
  • Priority Settings (priorities change and settings)
  • Priority Trace Tool (manual checking of Guardian operation by given parameters)
  • Priority Exceptions (exceptions adding for decisions made by the module)

New features of media:

  • Improvement of H.323 protocol handling in unstable Public Internet Networks
  • Full and Signalling Proxy modes
  • Improvements of Transcoding Performance
  • Improvements of protocol translation mechanism

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