MediaCore Softswitch Testimonial by Kalam Telecom & Import L.L.C.

Kalam Telecom

‘Support team is very nice and helpful. They are always online and fast in replying.’
Yousef  Rayyan,  Account Manager, Kalam Telecom & Import L.L.C.

1. When was the Mediacore Softswitch launched by your company?
Our company has launched the MediaCore Softswitch in September 2011

2. What kind of issues did you face up before migrating to the MediaCore?

The main problem was the billing issue. We had also problems with Internet connection.

3. Which MediaCore features have appeared to be the most useful for you, have affected your decision in favor of our Softswitch Solution?

The most useful for us are Guardian system and transcoding. Implemented revenue assurance system became an important part of our network.

4. The MediaCore includes the following modules: Switch, Billing, Guardian, and Transcoding. Please list the set of modules you have now (Complete or Incomplete Set)?

We have all the modules. They are very important in our operation. We recommend the complete set for VoIP providers.

5. How long did it take to have the MediaCore installed?

The process of the Softswitch implementation took about one week.

6. What’s your overall impression on the NOC Team Support?
Support team is very nice and helpful. They are always online and fast in replying.

7. We would be grateful also if you told us briefly about your company: main activities and plans for the future?

Kalam Telecom is operating in wholesale VoIP business. Now we are working to get our own direct routes in the Middle East and North Africa.


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