MediaCore softswitch upgraded interface

VoIP software

Speedflow offers its customers the upgraded web-interface of MediaCore Softswitch after the system routine update to the release of 2.12.

The new interface development is an intermediate stage for updated Softswitch version, the release of which is scheduled in September 2010. The new version will distinct considerably from the previous ones.

The system release will be focused both on transit operators and on the companies which offer VoIP services for end-users. This novel integrated solution combines functions of class 4 and 5 softswitches. Together with smart VoIP traffic routing functions the system will have a broad set of services for retail operators. For instance they support customer web-room with broadened settings options for end-users (balance check, invoice managing, IVR options setting), the possibility of the subscriber’s account management from mobile devices, etc. At present the system testing is going on.

The developers thoroughly analyzed the system interface and created a new concept of user menu. The main criteria of the functions display are consistency and ergonomics rules. Due to these factors the interaction between users and system has been speeded up and simplified.

All the functions of traffic management are combined in one section Traffic tools. The Reports section contains various reports on traffic statistics on all the destinations. The division – Clients concludes all the tools for termination and origination point’s settings and operation with clients. The operation with price lists has been simplified and become more detailed – all uploading, editing, status-check functions, traffic routing management are grouped in the section Prices. Financial tools division contains the tools for incoming and outgoing invoices. The separate menu item Guardian involves a vast variety of traffic quality control features and the automation of technical support operation. Maintenance section comprises of all administrative and rarely used functions which are connected with the system technical support.

This interface structure (added function for operation with end users) will remain in the new version of MediaCore softswitch. Some visual changes will be done due to the fact that the new web-interface will be based on the ICEfaces technology. The possibilities this technology offers allow enhancing interface interaction and usability.


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