The MediaCore Solution by Pandora Property Company L.P.

Pandora Property

‘Very convenient routing solution for starters and advanced users.’

‘This is a very high quality system. Try it!’

Denys Boiko, Director, Pandora Property Company L.P.

1. Please describe in 2-3 sentences the challenges you faced up before migrating to the MediaCore.

Before migrating to the MediaCore the whole process of operation used to be much more complicated. We are really glad to have found this solution.

2. Please describe the searching process. How long were you searching for the appropriate software? How many solutions did you consider? How did you find out about the MediaCore?

We learned about the MediaCore from our good partners BPO Telecom. Read a lot of good feedback on the forums which assured me so I just found your site and made a pact.

3. Please list three main MediaCore benefits.

Very convenient routing system for starters AND advanced users. Speed ​​and round the clock support are definitely among the top benefits too.

4. Please summarize in a few sentences results you achieved with help of the MediaCore (in terms of return on investment, client base, technical issues, sales, timesaving, revenue, etc.).

Using the MediaCore system, we managed to extend our customer base. We use direct termination, and your system has a SIP registration for the gateways control. This option significantly increases the chances of terminations. Guardian services as our revenue assurance system, presents a user-friendly solution that applies a variety of factors to detect errors and guarantee income. Automatic FAS detection mechanism as well as ACD / ASR analysis, automatic lock for problematic routes, we even use Guardian as a trouble ticket system (NOC TT).

5. Your message to all potential MediaCore customers.

This is a very high quality system. All functions are there and do not require extra payments. Try it!

Pandora Property Company is a growing European VOIP provider that offers direct termination, GCM, TDM and CLI services. The company is open for cooperation with both large and start-up customers.



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