The MediaCore Solution Testimonial by BPO Telecom

bpo telecom

BPO Telecom has been using the MediaCore Solution for almost 2 years already and kindly shared with us their feedback of working with the Softswitch.

“Using the MediaCore helps us saving a lot of time, so that is one of the main benefits which we have found in it! Also, it is quite easy to update the prices and to add customers, even for the beginners!

The MediaCore is easy-to-use and has a very nice design. It really increases productivity!

Moreover, it has all the necessary tools for work, which are well-positioned that allow you to quickly find the necessary button.

With the MediaCore platform our company has achieved great goals. We are sure we choose a good Softswitch for our company”

BPO Telecom is a dynamic VoIP operator that offers international calling services providing high quality and reasonable price. Hundreds telephone companies around the world send millions of calls streaming through their network every day.



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