MediaCore Version 4.7: New Release, New Horizons!

MediaCore Version 4.7

Speedflow Communications is thrilled to announce the availability of MediaCore Version 4.7!

The latest release affects both the VoIP and SMS platforms and introduces several new changes that improve carriers’ overall performance and reveal new business horizons ahead of them.

After analysis of the VoIP and SMS environment, we added brand new features to MediaCore, improved its interface and fixed several minor bugs. As a result, the platform is more user-friendly, productive and secure than ever!

The key change of the new release is the implementation of HTTP protocol support capability. Carriers can now receive SMS messages over HTTP and convert them to SMPP protocol, which presents them with new opportunities for revenue increase—mainly because they can now work with small SMS providers and get retail traffic.

The Guardian module was also upgraded. A new option was added, allowing users to set a timeframe for active custom events. This widens the MediaCore users’ ability to deal with evolving VoIP fraud.

For usability, our team shortened the routes to most reporting tools and introduced a minor visual revamp of the MediaCore starting page. As a result monitoring of real-time data and reports use is easier and more time-efficient.

Users can now enjoy a flawless MediaCore experience via the web portal. For this, we optimized memory usage in the background mode in instances where users are working with multiple tabs. The response speed and performance of the MediaCore web interface is increased as a result.

As usual, all companies subscribed to our software technical support, can take advantage of the new benefits free of charge! Our support team will contact all MediaCore partners to schedule a convenient time for update.

For full information about the new version, please write to


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