Meet AdCharge – the newest software product by Speedflow

AdCharge Speedflow is thrilled to announce that we have just launched AdCharge – an innovative media platform for mobile operators, MVNOs and other telecom services providers with their own end users. AdCharge monetizes subscribers’ interests, creates a new value of operator services and helps telecom providers to accumulate a whole new revenue stream from outside to the telecommunication industry.

Using AdCharge, operators can enter the ads market, thus expanding their reach and adding a completely new revenue source for their business. AdCharge offers them a unique opportunity to provide more services to subscribers, increasing customer loyalty and brand value.

AdCharge implementation is really quick and cost-effective. It can be easily integrated into an operator’s network through an API. After the app is launched, the operator gets revenue from every single ad that has been viewed by a subscriber. The subscribers will also in return receive bonuses to their accounts.

For advertisers AdCharge provides clickable ads with guaranteed views. It is possible to target them via age, gender, interests, and location. These factors ensure high CTR and conversion rate. The system of ads delivery is transparent and advertisers get access to a number of useful metrics for tracking the effectiveness of their campaigns.

To learn more information about AdCharge, please visit our website or contact us at


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