On the road again! Meet Speedflow at CIS 2021 GCCM 


After the productive trip to Madrid, we are ready to continue our season of industry events. The next destination is Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan. Our team will be attending CIS 2021 GCCM, a fourth annual conference, hosted by the Carrier Community. The event takes place 11-12 October at the Rixos Hotel in Nur-Sultan.

CIS 2021 GCCM gets together key decision makers from the regional and global telecommunications service providers. It covers various telecom segments including voice, SMS, mobile, data, OTT as well as other related sectors. The panel discussions will cover such interesting topics as 5G, blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital cloud and many more. We are delighted to be a part of this forum among the top market players. 

A team of experienced voice account managers will represent Speedflow at CIS 2021 GCCM. They will showcase our top-quality VoIP services, offering our best CLI, non-CLI, TDM and CLI CC routes. As usual, they will be glad to discuss new partnerships and mutually beneficial traffic exchange deals. SMS providers are also welcome to discuss cooperation with us. 

To arrange a meeting with our delegate, feel free to text us directly at the event meeting planning system or contact us by email at info@speedflow.com. We look forward to seeing you soon at the GCCM!


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