Milestone Telecom LP: Never lose a dollar with MediaCore

Milestone Telecom TP

Milestone Telecom LP is a fast growing international voice carrier, which provides Voice over IP termination services to retail and transit markets. Their dedication and pure focus on voice solutions allow them to deliver value-creating services to customers worldwide. Today Ani Shahverdyan, CEO of Milestone Telecom LP, talks about the software solution that helps the company provide world-class VoIP services on a daily basis – MediaCore SBC by Speedflow.


Milestone Telecom LP has been looking for a session border controller which would be multifunctional, reliable and fast. “We are glad that we found the golden ratio. MediaCore has been an all-in-one solution for us”, says Ani Shahverdyan. “Its smart automated features help us to keep our customers happy by offering only high-quality routes”.


For Milestone Telecom LP MediaCore SBC has proved to be a very smart, yet easy-to-use software solution that “literally NEVER goes down”. The regular updates ensure that the system functions in a robust and lightening-fast way all the time. It also has the capacity to maximize workload throughput and enhance the performance of any-sized VoIP Wholesale company.

  • Billing – After migrating to MediaCore SBC, Milestone Telecom LP found out that their billing became very precise. Thus they do not face any disputes with their partners anymore. The automated invoicing helps them to keep accurate records leaving no room for human mistakes.
  • Real-time monitoring – Because of the real-time monitoring features integrated into MediaCore, the technical support of the company can focus on other more important tasks. Thus not wasting precious time on something that the platform can optimize within a few clicks.
  • Multi-filtering – The multi-filtering options of MediaCore help Milestone Telecom LP sales team to easily find the best opportunities and meet their clients’ needs. “With having the right features on you can be sure you will never lose a dollar. For Milestone Telecom it has been the perfect tool for growing our business”, concludes Ani Shahverdyan.

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