Mobile Advertising FAQ

Mobile Advertising FAQ

Have a question? We might already have the answer in our Mobile Advertising FAQ.

1. What is mobile advertising?

Mobile advertising is any type of advertising that allows smartphone and tablet users who have an Internet connection to see advertisements on their mobile screens.

2. What is in-app mobile advertising?

In-app mobile advertising is a type of ad strategy, where ads are delivered to users during their active mobile application use.

3. What is mobile web advertising?

Mobile web is a type of advertising, where showed ads are adapted to mobile web browsers.

4. What are ads with incoming calls?

It is an innovative and highly efficient method of ads delivery provided by AdCharge. The advertising platform uses a patented framework of delivering advertisements to mobile devices without interruption to user experience.

5. Who can benefit using ads with incoming calls?

It is beneficial for app developers, mobile network operators and any other companies, who have a subscriber base of smartphone users.

6. How can MVNO and MNO benefit from mobile advertising?

Network operators can implement AdCharge and show ads to their users before and after incoming calls for a share of the revenue from advertising.

7. How can app developers benefit from mobile advertising?

App developers can integrate their application with AdCharge platform and show ads to their users before and after incoming calls. As a result, app developers get a revenue share and may choose to provide bonus points to end-users, increasing their service value in the process.