New Mediacore reports: efficient, convenient, informative

Mediacore softswitch developers have implemented new reports which significantly broaden systems’ analytical capabilities.

Fist of all comes a report on statistics which displays the destinations in relation to ASR (answer seizure ratio) and ACD (average call duration) factors — ASR-ACD variables. This report allows creating various filters on (date, time, code or sub-code, ASR and ACD factors and the number of attempts) in order to analyze the destinations. Due to this report, the information for a definite period about problematic or well-operating destinations can be obtained. As a result, the operator can differentiate the work with customers and suppliers and correspondingly increase company profits considerably.

Combined with Guardian system, which automatically detects problems of traffic termination, the report   ASR-ACD variables helps to educe the problems of certain type and close the problematic destinations if necessary. Also, it is possible to identify over or under-loaded destinations and shift the traffic. Then you can compare the destination statistics for several days and either search new vendors with more stable destinations or offer it to your new customers. The developers are sure that the new report will be particularly useful for operators with big traffic volumes as it efficiently analyzes the problems and customers’ requests.

Target by Prices Report

It allows displaying all existent suppliers who offer a definite destination in a chosen rate range. It is especially convenient for technical support operation, as it efficiently offers information about different variants of call path.

Available Routes by Providers Report

It allows displaying the information about all the suppliers who offer the destination for the current date taking into account ASR, ACD factors and the number of attempts. The actual price and destination priority are also shown in the report.

OP Call Path Analyzer Report

This report detects unprofitable calls – the destinations to which the traffic won’t be routed due to softswitch logic. How can the report be used? If we choose the origination point and activate the report, we will get the information about destinations in OP where the rates are less than the supplier’s rates. The customer (originator) gets the notification about the necessity of price increase.

On the whole, the new reports significantly save time of traffic quality analysis and provide all the vital tools for technical support efficient operation.


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