New MediaCore SBC Video – The Solution Your Telecom Business Needs

Speedflow is thrilled to share with the telecom community our recent video about MediaCore SBC – the reliable and smart software solution that helps carriers of every size to manage their VoIP and SMS Wholesale traffic.

Our Team uses the session border controller on a daily bases and is happy to share with you the ways in which it helps them optimize tasks and manage workload. Learn more about their personal experiences of using the platform by watching our video below.

You can also read in detail what our team says about MediaCore here:

Ako Gurjinyan, Director Software Sales

Powerful, efficient, reliable session border controller with smart routing inside. Throughout the decades the MediaCore SBC has been a leading industry solution, traditionally being a step ahead.

Vitaliy Gutnik, Head of Premium Voice Department

Managers have all the tools in their hands to manage VoIP traffic in a simple and effective way, optimizing business processes and giving more time for business development.

Roman Kolvakh, VoIP Engineer

It is equipped with comprehensive routing designed for voice carriers, regional and global operators, national telecoms, and MVNO.

Ani Muradyan, Voice Account Manager

MediaCore offers comprehensive reports providing detailed information about your traffic in just a few clicks.

Nikolay Apostolov, SMS Account Manager

Our SMS platform delivers full range of messaging services in SMPP protocol, providing carrier-grade switching combined with perfect usability.

Vladimir Piskaryov, NOC

MediaCore saves working time and its intelligent algorithms detect fraud traffic and prevent cyber attacks.

Alexander Filmonchuk, NOC

Speedflow technical support team reacts to any suspicious situation immediately preventing any negative effect.

Ani Filipova, Relationship Manager

Integration with AccuCore optimizes operations, automates invoicing and payments, decreases workload and minimizes human errors.

Nata Ellis, Speedflow CFO

MediaCore helps me to analyze business volumes and make decision immediately, which is very important in our business today. It’s convenient, strong and powerful solution and also reliable one for VoIP and SMS business. Look at it!


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