New Release of CallMax Softswitch (v.2.12)

Softswitch class 4 Mediacore Release 2.18

Dear Partners,
Speedflow Communications, a developer of high quality VoIP Softswitch solutions, is pleased to announce a new release of the CallMax, proprietary Linux-based Class 5 Softswitch. Our team of developers worked hard to extend Softswitch functionality and optimize its work.

There are following modifications in CallMax v.2.12:

Core modifications:

  • Flexible multilingual IVR for Calling Cards with pronunciation of balance state and number of minutes;
  • VoIP Call back;
  • Support of all Gateways types and DID providers.

Web-interface modifications:

  • Completely new user-friendly web for Owner, Reseller and End User;
  • Flexible subordination tree for Reseller and Users;
  • Flexible Gateway and DID management;
  • PayPal integration (integration with any payment system is available on request);
  • Bulk user generation with the similar conditions of making calls (dial plans, DID numbers and authorization types).

As usual, the update of CallMax Class 5 Softswitch is absolutely free for all our customers. It can be done at any convenient time scheduled with our 24/7 NOC support Team. Speedflow is going to continue permanent updating of our VoIP software solutions. We believe that new version of Softswitch will make your VoIP business more advantageous and profitable.


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