New Release of MediaCore Softswitch v. 2.20

Softswitch class 4 Mediacore Release 2.18

Speedflow Communications is very pleased to announce the new Release of the carrier-grade class 4 MediaCore Softswtich v. 2.20.

You are expecting to have the following modifications in the 2.20 version:

Web-interface modifications:

  • New fields in Active calls
  • New filtering options in Incoming/Outgoing calls
  • New CDR Generation tool
  • Invoice customization
  • Customization of e-mail notification sending
  • Reports exporting to Excel

Core modification:

  • GSM FullRate codec
  • Routing optimization
  • Origination call time limit
  • Transcoding optimization
  • H.323 optimization

All updates for MediaCore class 4 Softswitch are available for all our clients including leaseholders absolutely free of charge.

The updates can be implemented at any convenient time. The process takes about 20 minutes with the calls proceeding during this time.

Our customers are welcome to use online help and 24/7 support desk.


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