Simple rules to secure your business

Softswitch class 4

The IT industry is always vulnerable to hackers. Telecom service providers suffer from hackers illegal activities. Cyber-criminals use different methods to steal personal and business data. That is why a high level of network security is one of the most important requirements to VoIP solutions developers.

Speedflow engineers provide the best security mechanism for our high-quality software solutions and VoIP operators. In the latest MediaCore version you will take advantage of the very updated security mechanism, which protects your network against any cyber threat. New sophisticated algorithms make it extremely reliable and secure.

However, It should be kept in mind, that human factor is also very important. Be cautious when sending your access details and other important information. We highly recommend not using instant messengers for business correspondence. Do not accept files in messengers even from your most trusted partners because they might be unaware that their account has been hacked.

Your caution combined with the hard work of our Software Developers Team will make your telecom business absolutely secure.


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