Speedflow came back from Middle East GCCM and GITEX 2017

Middle East GCCM and GITEX 2017 In the last two weeks Dubai was the meeting point for thousands of telecom professionals and influential tech giants. The reasons for that were two global events – Middle East 2017 GCCM (4-5 October) and GITEX (8-12 October). Speedflow Team had the great opportunity to attend both of them. Our delegates just came back filled with inspiration, new ideas and ready to share the innovative practices they have learned.

During Middle East GCCM Speedflow delegates carried out many productive meetings with both current and prospective business partners. This resulted in further increasing our network of interconnections and successful partnership agreements. We managed to showcase both our VoIP and SMS telecom services, as well as our software solutions: MediaCore SBC, AccuCore ERP, and AdCharge media platform.

But that is not all. Currently, we are undertaking other business opportunities and developing software products for other industries, besides Telecommunications. For example, at GITEX, which is one of the most outstanding and well-known technology events worldwide, Chatbots were amongst the most thoroughly discussed topics. Chatbots are innovative programs that communicate with clients by imitating human conversation. Many professionals believe that Chatbots are the new Apps! Speedflow Team is glad to introduce our own Chatbot solution for restaurants and food delivery. Take a look at the latest Speedflow family member here.

Want to see, not only read about out delegates’ experiences? You are welcome to preview the pictures they took at the events.


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