Speedflow Improves Mediacore Softswitch

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Speedflow has made some additions to its Mediacore Softswitch product, company officials say.

It’s an integrated tool for VoIP network management, featuring class 4 softswitch, dynamic routing engine, ‘billing with Internet and QoS control instruments from a single source,’ company officials say.

Mediacore contains routing and billing modules which allow the user to tackle all VoIP business processes – ‘each of the modules is a self-contained and full-fledged product, which is a distinctive feature of the Mediacore system.’

The product is offered either as an integrated software tool or as separate modules – Softswitch, VoIP Billing, Routing Engine, Guardian. What company officials describe as ‘the vital advantage’ is that Mediacore’s modules are compatible with most of various offerings available on the market: ‘This creates an opportunity for migration into a software platform for any size VoIP carriers.’

Its Linux-based Class 4 Softswitch Mediacore with Multilevel Security Mechanism, Native SIP – H.323 protocol converter and financial tools is designed to manage your traffic with on-line access to billing and immediate changes of routing. The billing and routing system itself offers ‘complete call statistics, connection quality reports, financial reports and other vital information,’ company officials say, adding that the lossless routing feature comes standard.

The product supports ‘absolutely all popular codecs G729 G723.1 G.729A G.729B G.729AB G711 G711-ALaw G711uLaw,‘ and works with all directions and suppliers, company officials say.

Its Guardian module analyzes VoIP traffic, considering different directions and suppliers, which allows it to speed up and systematize the technical support operation.

And company officials say the new routing algorithm implemented in Mediacore system forms the principle of smart routing: ‘The Access Level option provides the possibility of more efficient interaction between carriers and their customers and the implementation results in significant capital gains.’

By David Sims
TMCnet Contributing Editor


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