Class 4 VoIP Softswitch: Absolutely Free of Charge or For a Fee?

Last updated: January 26, 2021.

softswitch freeAre you looking for a softswitch absolutely free of charge? Of course, the idea of the free softswitch sounds pretty swell. But what is the real cost of the free software?

Is free softswitch really free?

If you decide to implement free open source components into your VoIP network, you may think they don’t cost anything. In reality, it can be quite expensive. You will download a free distribution kit, that’s true. But then there will be implementation and initial adoption. If you are not a software developer, this stage will be difficult. Software as it is can be not optimized for your business model. If you don’t have advanced technical and programming knowledge, the open-source softswitch can be a trap.

You will need to research and optimize code as well as maintain and support your platform by yourself. The cost of a software developer and system administrator can be much higher in comparison with the commercial license or technical support fee.

Furthermore, there can be security issues. The security breach is a common question about the use of an open source. One mistake with a free softswitch can cause significant losses bringing down the whole business. That means you’ll need to spend additional working hours protecting your network.  

Proprietary software. Is it the solution?

When you use proprietary VoIP software, you can avoid these problems. You pay either a one-off or a monthly recurring subscription fee, but you receive a ready-to-use Class 4 Softswitch. Reliable vendors usually guarantee a high service level and provide technical support.

In return, you receive not only a software product. You don’t need to worry about the implementation and maintenance, which means you have more time for your business challenges. 

When you choose between the proprietary and free softswitch, you should compare not only direct expenses but the hidden cost too. Even if you have enough skills, don’t forget that time is money! 

What to choose?

Which softswitch to choose? We recommend the MediaCore SBC by Speedflow. Our company is a telecom vendor with a global presence and more than 15 years of experience. You can rely on the time-proven quality of our Class 4 softswitch.

And the price is more than reasonable! Starting from $150-$200 per month, you can rent a complete VoIP or SMS softswitch license with advanced billing tools. If you need a dedicated server in our data center space, the full monthly cost will be $300-$350. 

Our minimum monthly packages include:

  • Class 4 softswitch license
  • Free installation and training sessions;
  • 24/7 software technical support;
  • Free release updates.
  • Dedicated servers are optionally available  

It is definitely cheaper than to customize a free open-source softswitch and maintain and support this system.

For more information feel free to contact our software sales department by e-mail software@speedflow.com.