Speedflow prepares for ITW 2016 – Innovations and Surprises guaranteed!

ITW 2016
There are more than 2 weeks until ITW 2016 kicks off, but the excitement in our office is already reaching critical levels. This has always been one of Speedflow’s favourite events and with each edition we grow to love it even more.

Speedflow has a ton of surprises this year for everyone involved. We have assembled a top team, lead by our CEO and CFO. Throughout the whole event we will be showcasing our flagman products and services in the Telecom, SMS, Software and Development fields. Our managers are always opened for new and exciting contacts and interconnections so you are welcome to arrange a meeting and ensure a better future for our mutual business.

For Telecom Services contact Nina Moina at Ninel@speedflow.com
For SMS Services contact Dimitar Gatev at Dimitar@speedflow.com
For Software Solutions contact Ako Gurjinyan at Ako@speedflow.com
For Development Services contact Philip Artinyan at Philip@speedflow.com

Until May 8th – here is a cool video we made, to give you an idea of what to expect from Speedflow:

See you soon, Chicago!


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