Speedflow Presents CallMax IP PBX Platform

Softswitch class 4 Mediacore Release 2.18

Speedflow, a leading provider of VoIP software solutions, has just released the completely new release of the CallMax Class 5 Solution. From now it is a modular structure platform designed to provide high-quality residential VoIP services. It comprises IP PBX, Calling Card platform and SMS solution and can be managed as separate solutions or as a complete set as well.

CallMax IP PBX is a full-fledged platform designed to provide high-quality hosted / virtual PBX services. It has its own billing and doesn’t require any third-party integrations. It is scalable multi-tenant solution for any-sized companies. CallMax supports popular softphones and devices (IP phones, gateways, etc.) and meets all the requirements for up-to-date IP PBX platforms.

Launching was successful, feedbacks from the first IP PBX customers were positive and now we are going to showcase updated CallMax solution at the International Telecommunications Week in Chicago, May 13-15. It is a great opportunity for our potential customers to meet our representatives, learn IP PBX advantages at first hand and get special discount certificate for buying CallMax Class 5 Solutiuon.

CallMax Calling Card platform and SMS solution are expected to be released soon, please follow our news to be abreast of our updates.


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