Speedflow Presents High Performance MediaCore SBC Box

MediacoreSpeedflow is pleased to announce the launch of the all-in-one platform with enhanced capacity for efficient VoIP operations – the MediaCore SBC Box. For the first time you will be enjoying both software and hardware at your disposal! Based on a reliable 3U hardware module, our MediaCore SBC enables telecoms to provide efficient and secure services, ensuring maximum uptime and availability.

The Solution offers switching, routing, network topology hiding, voice transcoding, advanced security and anti-fraud mechanisms. MediaCore SBC Box provides SIP and H.323 protocol interworking, unbeaten core network unification and industry-leading flexibility and reliability. Its performance is 1000 calls per second, that makes it a perfect solution for Tier 2/3 providers and large voice carriers.

To get more information about the MediaCore SBC Box, please contact Speedflow software sales department at info@speedflow.com.


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