Speedflow team is back from WWC 2018

Speedflow Team just came back from the Wholesale World Congress (WWC) in Madrid. This growing telecom event brought together nearly 750 attendees from Europe and many other countries worldwide. It was a great opportunity for our team to update on all important industry topics regrading VoIP, messaging and data exchange.

Our delegates always try to get the best out of attending such conferences. They do not miss a chance to connect with key leaders and engage in discussions about the newest market trends. Meeting with other like-minded industry professionals provides our company with very interesting insights that we try to adapt and use accordingly for improving the quality of our products and services.

WWC was no exception. We had lots of productive meetings with both current and potential partners and set the ground for new business cooperations. Our delegates discussed several very good deals and now are working on implementing them to further maximize our floating assets. The SMS industry was widely represented this year at WWC, so both our voice and SMS divisions have really good results.

If you want to see which conference we are attending next, feel free to contact us at info@speedflow.com and book a timeslot.

Our schedule can be found here.


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