In the Spotlight – Vlad Ellis, CEO of Speedflow

Interview with Vlad Ellis CEO of Speedflow - Telecom services providerWe from Speedflow are constantly trying to keep you updated and informed about our future plans and current endeavors. That is why we would like to share with you all today the latest interview with our CEO Vlad Ellis, the founder of Speedflow telecom service provider. If you want to learn more about the milestones and challenges Speedflow has faced in the past 2016, keep on watching. This video is for you. Feel intrigued and want to learn even more? You are more than welcome to read our latest article on the topic here.

1. Mr. Ellis, you recently announced the end of the financial year 2016. Was it a good year for Speedflow?

– Yes, it was a good year for Speedflow, everything is reflected in the published audit accounts, but saying short we enjoyed 35% growth over that year.

2. You managed to do so much work and develop your new operational office. What was the biggest challenge Speedflow had to face in 2016?

– The biggest challenge was integrating the existing workforce and the people into new business environment.

3. You just released the latest updates of your MediaCore SBC and your SMS platform. Are you planning any new software projects for this coming year?

– Yes, we are. We have several projects in the start-up stage; they represent our deep interest in the neural networks and the blockchain technology. Just 65% of our workforce is dedicated to non-telecom projects, that includes application development, back end and high-level support.

5. With so many new projects, developments and increase in sales, did you make any changes in your workforce structure?

– Yes, we did, obviously. We’ve hired several fantastic professionals. They are great add-on to Speedflow family, they’re highly dedicated. And the new big change is coming later this year, we are going to open our office in India which will serve Asia-Pacific region.

6. What does the future hold for Speedflow?

– Future is bright! Work hard and enjoy the show!


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