Success of the MediaCore Class 4 Softswitch

Softswitch class 4 Mediacore Release 2.18

Stefania Viscusi from TMCnet speaks with Mr. Ako Gurjinyan, director of Software Sales at Speedflow Communications about the MediaCore Softswitch.

You recently released a new update for MediaCore (v2.20). Can you talk a little about the new enhancements that were made as part of this latest update and the additional benefits they provide for customers?

The latest MediaCore release 2.20 offers such enhancements as a more optimized routing mechanism, new CDR generation tools, invoice customization, GSM codec support and conversion, modified Web Interface, and more. The new features and options implemented in the MediaCore allow our customers to largely increase the softswitch’s productivity and performance capabilities and the interface is now much more user friendly.

After less than one year of promotion, this solution has recognized great success. Can you talk a little about the achievements Speedflow has achieved so far with MediaCore?

Yes, indeed. The MediaCore is an outstanding brand due to a) being a Unified Point of Control Solution b) Regular Release Upgrades that are done absolutely Free of Charge c) 24/7 NOC On Line Support and last but not least -Price, which is far more competitive in comparably.

We strive toward making the softswitch more and more automated and we are very flexible with our customers and welcome all of their ideas for customization. I admit that’s essential for every successful product.

Since last year we have scored 100 happy and prosperous customers worldwide, whose shared opinions are available on our website.

You offer businesses the chance to try out your solution for a trial period before they purchase it. Can you talk about the importance of offering clients a chance to try before they buy?

Well, we think it’s the best way to make our customers sure the MediaCore is the right solution and meets all their requirements. They have a golden opportunity to explore the softswitch on their hardware, test it at high peaks of traffic and make their final decision.

You offer 24/7 technical support for clients; has there been a positive response to the ability to get help and support around the clock?

We bear in mind that the universally deployed MediaCore requires 24/7 NOC On-Line Support due to different time zones and unpredicted challenges that can be faced in this field of activity. Our skilled and experienced NOC Team is always on duty to provide our customers with qualitative support at any time.

Are future enhancements of the offering already in the works? Can you share some details on what other advancements user can expect in the near future?

Our next release will be full of surprises. I will mention some of them: new diagrams in addition to the existing ones particularly the Profit Diagram, more lines in CDR for a more profound analysis such as PDD, SCD, bytes, etc., as well as priorities allocation by IP within a Point, T38 in H.323.


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