The AccuCore System Testimonial by Invatek Corporation

Invatek Corporation

‘AccuCore has simplified the business and made our operation more efficient’
‘It has optimized our work and automated our business processes’
Nadezhda Semanova, Director, Invatek PTE LTD

1. Please describe the challenges you faced up before integrating AccuCore.

We encountered lots of issues prior to AccuCore implementation. We used to create price-lists, check them, and then send them to partners manually. The generation and sending of invoices was also manual, in addition to balancing and accounting. All of this created a high risk of mistake. Furthermore, before AccuCore, it was impossible to analyze clients’ targets and LCRs.

2. Please list three main AccuCore benefits.

It has numerous benefits, first of which is the convenient price creation mechanism. In addition to this, we really appreciate the targets & offers analyzer. Another benefit of the AccuCore is that it simplifies our financial accounting. Also convenient is the fact that we can immediately download LCR for any period.

3. What is the most useful feature in AccuCore?

What we find most useful for our business are automatic invoicing and price-lists management.

4. Please summarize in a few sentences results you achieved with help of the AccuCore.

AccuCore has significantly optimized our work; most obvious is that numerous business processes have now become automated. As a result, our managers are burdened with less routine work, freeing up more time to communicate with our current and potential partners.

5. Your message to all potential AccuCore customers?

Our company has been very satisfied with the AccuCore. It has simplified the business and made our operation more efficient.

The staff no longer have the hassle of routine work, thus preventing possible mistakes. The AccuCore system provides business automation and makes operation smooth and stress-free.

Invatek Corporation is a global provider of Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. They have established more than 150 interconnections around the globe, through their various points of presence. Invatek Corporation carries millions of minutes for long distance carriers, mobile carriers, local access carriers and prepaid service providers.



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