Transcoding – new innovation in VoIP business!

Dear partners,

SpeedFlow Communication Ltd has great news! We have created and start working with a new function in our Mediacore softswich – transcoding.

Transcoding – the process of converting media stream from one codec to another.

 So now we can transit VoIP traffic on any to any basis irrespectively of what codec you use.

 For example, if termination part supports G.723 and origination end supports G.729 there are no more barriers to work together as long as we have introduced codecs convertor.

 Rental terms for Mediacore softswitch equipped with Transcoding module:

  • The minimal rental fee is $450. That includes up to 300 000 minutes of traffic. Extra minutes (starting with the 300001st minute) are charged with tariff: $0,0009 per minute;
  • The rental fee for Non-working month is $150.

All the VoIP providers who want to know more about transcoding function please contact us.


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