Voice and SMS top offers

Speedflow provides premium quality termination and VoIP CLI routes worldwide.

The information below is valid for the month of April

SMS TOP offers


DestinationNetwork FeaturesRate in EURO 
Direct Quality 
Kazakhstan Beeline SMS DLR, works with alpha dynamic0,138
Algeria MobilisAlpha Dynamic 0,24
Ethiopia All Alpha Dynamic 0,1
Egypt EtisalatAlpha Dynamic 0,098
Ukraine Lycamobile Alpha Dynamic 0,098
RussiaAll Different fixed alpha each network0,155
PakistanMobilink Dynamic0,263
MoroccoAllAlpha Dynamic 0,11
UzbekistanAllAlpha Dynamic 0,2
SpainAll Alpha Dynamic 0,022
Ethiopia SafaricomAlpha Dynamic 0,155
YemenMobilesalpha dynamic, local SMSC, can be actual Dir0,062
Sri Lanka AirtelAlpha Dynamic 0,161
HQ Quality 
GermanyAllAlpha Dynamic 0,017
Hong Kong AllAlpha Dynamic 0,0082
Nigeria GlobacomAlpha Dynamic 0,037
UKAllAlpha Dynamic 0,0145
Egypt All Alpha Dynamic 0,016
OmanAll Alpha Dynamic 0,01
Sri. Lanka Al Alpha Dynamic 0,035
JapanAll Alpha Dynamic 0,019
Philippines SmartAlpha Dynamic 0,05
PakistanJAZZAlpha Dynamic 0,145
DenmarkAll Alpha Dynamic 0,035
SIM Quality
ItalyallWorks like SIM LLC0,016
Bangladesh All Works like SIM LLC0,019
SpainAll Works like SIM LLC0,011
Ethiopia All Works like SIM LLC0,037
SerbiaVIP Network SS7, SIM, Local LC0,034
CanadaAll Works like SIM LLC0,0165
Sri Lanka All works like SIM0,028
GermanyAll Works like SIM LLC 0,018
Wholesale Quality
CambodiaallAlpha Dynamic 0,006
KenyaAll Alpha Dynamic 0,003
RussiaallLocal SMSC, handset DLR0,014
CongoAll Alpha Dynamic 0,007
IranAll Alpha Dynamic 0,0075
Spam /Casino Routes
Brazil allfixed Short Code0,009
Turkey allSMS DLR, works with Turkey LC0,0047
ColombiaallFixed Short Code,Local SMSC0,004
ThailandSpamSMSC DLR, works with fixed “LINE” 0,007
Philippines SmartCasinoworks with fixed SIDs0,009
Philippines GlobeCasinoworks with fixed SIDs0,0095

Voice TOP offers:

DestinationPrice, USDASRACD
Angola mobile Unitel0.06917%2:00
Argentina mobile0.014417%2:00
Bangladesh mobile0.008420%2:50
Benin mobile MTN/fix0.1312%2:10
Bolivia mobile0.07525%2:15
Cameroon mobile MTN0.15112%2:25
Croatia fix0.003822%5:15
Croatia mobile0.014521%4:50
Dr Congo mobile Vodacom0.1639%3:40
Dr Congo mobile Airtel0.1834%3:25
Dr Congo mobile Africell0.18519%4:10
Ecuador mobile Movistar0.05524%2:15
Egypt mobile Mobinil0.0517%2:45
Egypt mobile Vodafone0.04919%3:05
Ethiopia mobile0.10515%5:30
Greece mobile0.004141%6:25
Hungary fix0.004552%5:10
Hungary mobile0.007920%3:40
Israel mobile0.0338%4:00
Ivory mobile Orange/Moov0.09421%1:20
Japan mobile0.015527%1:50
Madagascar mobile Telma0.2924%3:30
Morocco mobile (filtered route)0.1910%4:20
Rwanda mobile MTN / Tigo0.06931%3:30
Serbia mobile Telenor0.15215%3:50
Serbia mobile VIP0.14526%3:50
Slovakia mobile0.01220%2:50
Slovenia mobile0.02912%12:40
South Africa fix0.04115%3:30
South Africa mobile all0.03227%2:50
Spain mobile0.009814%3:20
Syria mobile0.09219%2:20
Tanzania mobile0.1511%3:40
Togo mobile Togocell0.05519%2:40
Uganda mobile Airtel0.11521%4:00
Uganda mobile Warid0.115%3:30
Ukraine fix0.05722%5:00
Ukraine mobile Kyivstar (filtered route)0.06623%4:50
Ukraine mobile Lifecell0.05327%3:10
Uzbekistan mobile Beeline0.04914%2:50
Zimbabwe mobile Netone0.0830%4:50
Bahamas fix0.1428%3:10
Belgium mobile0.03125%4:35
Guyana fix0.15525%4:35
Jamaica fix0.12845%5:50
Morocco mobile0.3529%5:10
Nigeria mobile MTN0.06930%6:20
Philippines mobile Globe0.09529%3:30
Philippines mobile Smart0.09527%3:50
Poland fix0.005230%8:00
Zimbabwe fix0.16221%2:50
Australia fix (local TDM)0.01340%0:30
Australia mobile (local TDM)0.018440%0:30
Brazil mobile 30/6 (local )0.007622%0:45
Canada ( local)0.005525%0:35
Chile mobile (local)0.004638%0:25
Colombia mobile (local)0.00340%0:30
Denmark all ( local)0.01435%0:30
France mobile( local)0.01635%0:30
Germany mobile (local)0.01627%0:30
Greece mobile (local)0.013529%0:20
India 60/60 ( local)0.01943%0:40
Indonesia fix ( local)0.0545-0.05810%0:35
Indonesia mob ( local)0.054513%0:35
Italy fix ( local)0.002614%0:35
Italy mobile ( local)0.011522%0:40
Kuwait mobile (local)0.04220%0:30
Malaysia mobile ( local)0.01532%0:35
Mexico fix (local)0.001548%0:30
Mexico mobile (local)0.004243%0:35
Peru (local)0.00237%0:40
Spain mobile (local)0.01420%0:30
Switzerland ( EU and local)0.0734%0:15
Thailand mobile (TDM,local pass)0.011521%0:55
Thailand mobile (CLI,668 to 697 modif)0.03220%0:30
United Kingdom mobile (local)0.02825%0:29
Afghanistan mobile AWCC0.12925%3:15
Afghanistan mobile Etisalat0.120%2:55
Afghanistan mobile MTN0.1225%2:20
Bangladesh mobile0.008926%3:10
Bangladesh  mobile IGW0.009835%4:20
Belarus fix0.3138%6:00
Belarus mobile0.29525%5:00
Bulgaria mobile A1 (EEA)0.01129%2:50
Bulgaria mobile Yetttel (EEA)0.01125%3:40
Bulgaria mobile Viva (EEA)0.01519%3:30
Croatia mobile (EEA)0.005355%4:50
Czech Republic mobile (EEA)0.010323%2:30
Georgia fix0.13225%3:40
Georgia mobile0.22925%3:40
Greece fix (EEA)0.002123%1:55
Greece mobile (EEA)0.00947%2:20
Hungary mobile(EEA)0.008829%5:55
Iraq mobile Asiacell/Zain to IQSTC0.17228%5:30
Iraq mobile Korektel0.16617%2:20
Israel fix0.02232%8:25
Israel mobile0.06834%4:50
Jordan mobile0.14528%6:20
Moldova mobile Orange0.1635%8:00
Moldova mobile Moldcel0.17820%4:00
Ukraine fix0.10857%9:20
Ukraine mobile Kyivstar0.17518%2:50
Ukraine mobile Lifecell0.25826%3:20
Ukraine mobile Vodafone0.15628%4:10
Uzbekistan mobile0.08430%4:30
USA TollFree0.00395%5:50


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