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Speedflow provides premium quality termination and VoIP CLI routes worldwide.

The information below is valid for the month of June

Voice TOP offers:

Albania mobile One0,167
Albania mobile Vodafone0,145
Angola mobile Unitel0,065
Argentina mobile0,014
Benin mobile (filtered)0,132
Chad mobile Airtel0,115
Dr Congo mobile Africell0,12
Dr Congo mobile Vodacom0,12
Ecuador mobile0,0575
Egypt mobile Mobinil0,047
Egypt mobile Vodafone0,047
France mobile0,012
Germany mobile 0,006
Ghana mobile MTN0,139
Greece mobile 0,0041
Guyana ALL0,125
Hungary Budapest0,003
Hungary mobile 0,0067
Italy mobile0,0077
Morocco mobile (filtered)0,19
Myanmar mobile Mandalay,Mytel0,016
Myanmar mobile Ooredoo, Telenor0,026
Niger mobile Orange0,059
Niger mobile Celtel (airtel)0,059
Nigeria mobile Globacom0,0415
Nigeria mobile Mtn0,051
Rwanda mobile MTN / Tigo0,068
Serbia mobile Telenor0,15
Serbia mobile Vip0,13
Slovakia mobile 0,018
Slovenia mobile 0,028
South Africa mobile0,0275
South Africa mobile Mtn0,0265
Spain mobile 0,01
Sri Lanka0,06
Sri Lanka Dialog Cdma0,08
Sri Lanka mobile Airtel0,037
Sri Lanka Slt Landline0,06
Tanzania mobile 0,144
Togo mobile Togo Cellulaire0,032
Turkey mobile Vodafone0,08
Ukraine mobile Kyivstar0,069
Ukraine mobile Lifecell0,052
Ukraine mobile Vodafone0,11
Bahamas fix0,14
Croatia mobile 0,024
Guyana fix0,149
Jamaica fix0,125
Kenya mobile Safaricom0,042
Nigeria mobile Mtn0,057
Philippines mobile DITO0,062
Philippines mobile Globe (touch)0,052
Philippines mobile Smart0,065
Poland Fix 0,0025
Poland mobile0,007
Russia Moscow0,052
Thailand all0,0066
United Arab Emirates Dubai0,057
Zimbabwe 0,157
Austria mobile0,018
Belgium mobile 0,017
Brazil fix0,0045
Brazil mobile0,0065
Canada ALL0,005
Chile mobile0,0045
China mobile0,51
Colombia mobile0,0028
Denmark fix0,012
Denmark mobile 0,012
France mobile0,016
Germany mobile 0,017
India ALL0,0175
Indonesia Mobile0,045
Italy fix0,0028
Italy mobile0,0099
Japan Mobile0,037
Kuwait Mobile0,044
Malaysia mobile0,0125
Netherlands mobile0,013
Peru fix0,002
Peru mobile0,002
Poland Mobile0,009
Portugal Mobile0,014
Russia mobile0,2
South Korea Mobile0,028
Spain mobile0,012
Switzerland mobile 0,072
Thailand Mobile0,031
United Kingdom mobile0,028
USA Toll FREE0,0028
Afghanistan mobile Awcc0,1255
Afghanistan mobile Etisalat0,142
Afghanistan mobile Mtn0,12
Armenia mobile Beeline0,1895
Armenia mobile Ucom0,1895
Armenia mobile Vivacell Mts0,1875
Austria mobile 0,0075
Azerbaijan mobile Bakcell0,205
Bangladesh mobile0,0088
Bosnia And Herzegovina mobile 0,3045
Bosnia And Herzegovina fix zone0,1235
Bulgaria mobile A10,008
Bulgaria mobile Vivacom (btc)0,0148
Canada 0,002
Chile Mobile0,0045
Colombia mobile 0,003
Ecuador mobile Claro0,149
Georgia mobile Beeline (mobitel)0,224
Georgia mobile Geocell0,224
Georgia mobile Magticom0,221
Germany mobile 0,0035
Greece mobile 0,0033
Iraq mobile Asia Cell0,168
Iraq mobile Zain Formerly Atheer0,168
Israel mobile 0,067
Kazakhstan mobile Beeline (kartel)0,126
Kazakhstan mobile Tele20,15
Kyrgyzstan mobile Bimocom0,225
Kyrgyzstan mobile Nur Telecom0,161
Kyrgyzstan mobile Sky mobile0,154
Moldova mobile Moldcell0,162
Moldova mobile Moldtelecom Unite Cdma0,194
Moldova mobile Orange0,163
Pakistan mobile Telenor0,0425
Pakistan mobile Zong0,0199
South Korea Mobile 0,01
Slovakia mobile 0,0045
Tajikistan mobile Babilon0,138
Tajikistan mobile Megafon (tt)0,128
Tajikistan mobile Tcell0,156
Ukraine mobile Kyivstar0,162
Ukraine mobile Lifecell0,257
Ukraine mobile Vodafone0,155
Venezuela mobile Movilnet0,0135
Yemen mobile Cdma0,099
Yemen mobile Mtn0,099
Yemen mobile Sabafone0,099

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