VoIP potential development

Speedflow Communications is taking part in International Telecoms Week (ITW) which be held in Washington DC, USA from 1 to 3 June 2009.

Speedflow director Vlad Ellis believes that this event is one of the most effective ways of presenting new opportunities, services and solutions for current and future partners.

The first event which was in 2008 included around 1000 companies from 130 countries of the world.

Our participation the previous year was successful despite the fact that ITW 2008 coincided with the world economics crisis beginning. This year we hope to elevate level of cooperation and understanding with our current partners, obtaining new relations and efficient ideas.

 The market has been gradually modified and the majority of companies create new policies according to the challenging conditions. Since the last year Speedflow Communications has implemented various successful projects and we are ready to share with our partners new developments which will significantly contribute to their business growth and will enable them to meet adjective market demands.

Our delegation have a very busy meeting schedule. The meetings with attendees were arranged for all three days of the show and will take place nearly every half an hour. Among them are – VoIP carriers, system integrator, vendors and software developers. The event is also appealing due to the presence of not only “Big Boys”, but also “local hooligans”.

Speedflow Communications is going to present extensive range of software solutions for various VoIP businesses: functional and secure Speedflow Softswitch with a set of tools for traffic analysis and accounting, Business Support System Accucore, VoIPbilling, processing system Pay-n-Get, and also a unique solution for mobile phones – MobiGlobe.

We are also planning to discuss mutual services expansion with our current partners. Moreover, we will present our road-map for capacity increase, equipment upgrades and new connection technologies implementation.

Speedflow Communications has verified the following principle by its experience: the winner is not the one who saves up but the one who reasonably manages his resources.

We offer our partners broaden vision of efficient business development.


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