VoIP server for carriers – how to choose the right option

VoIP serverReliable VoIP server and hosting are crucial for the VoIP wholesale business. Carriers should consider many aspects during the implementation of their softswitch. Some VoIP vendors offer their server as a part of the complete solution. Sometimes providers provide the VoIP software license, and the client should take care of the server and colocation. Both cases have their advantages and disadvantages. But nowadays, more and more companies are looking to operate with turn-key solutions when one vendor provides everything, including VoIP hardware and software infrastructure. Furthermore, carriers tend to cut CAPEX and pay on a monthly basis, using platforms as a service.

VoIP softswitch and server

Speedflow has a solution to meet these requirements! Our company offers hosted packages, which include both the software license and hardware. We cooperate with a reliable data center in Frankfurt that provides a stable connection.

Furthermore, new MediaCore SBC customers have an opportunity to get our dedicated server absolutely free of charge for up to one year. By the end of July, they are welcome to sign up for a hosted MediaCore and pay just a software license price. We’ll provide our dedicated server and hosting for free. 

Top-level functionality

Speedflow delivers not just a platform but a complete solution as a service. First of all, our carrier-grade platform includes class 4 softswitch, VoIP billing, anti-fraud functionality and other features that make the MediaCore an all-in-one VoIP wholesale solution. Secondly, we offer free installation on our dedicated VoIP server in a reliable data center. You will get top-level hosting with no need to maintain the infrastructure by yourself. Finally, our software technical support team will proactively monitor your system on a 24/7 basis.

Our hardware servers are located in the leading European data center, which guarantees secure and reliable service.  

Get started

Get our VoIP server on beneficial terms and enjoy a full-fledged VoIP wholesale platform. Contact our software team at software@speedflow.com and get a quote regarding our VoIP softswitch and dedicated server.