VoIP Trouble Ticket Automated System

noc tt voip softswitchMediacore Softswitch is equipped with Guardian — the monitoring system of the VoIP connection quality. Guardian analyses VoIP traffic considering different directions and suppliers. It allows checking such important parameters of communication quality as Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR) and Average Call Duration (ACD). Prompt analysis of these two key criteria allows the decision-making process being considerably accelerated. That results in profitability increase.

The analytical system features will be broadened in the near future. Speedflow Communications’ developing team is about to complete a new software module — VoIP Trouble Ticket Automatic System (NOC TT). Based on routing analysis NOC TT system automatically generates and sends notification e-mails to suppliers in case of the incident or connection quality decline.

When identifying faults NOC TT system uses a complex of unique algorithms based on multivariate analysis. An elaborate logic of statistically uncertain problems elimination makes it possible not to bother a supplier with unfounded problems or false messages. Because of NOC TT system flexibility criteria analysis can be adjusted in accordance with different traffic priorities and expected profit rate.

NOC TT system was built on Speedflow engineers’ hands-on experience in VoIP problems solving.

NOC TT system is a great solution for VoIP companies that don’t have numerous technical support staff. Because of system features the work efficiency of the personnel and the decision-making quality will increase considerably.

In what follows, developers are planning to integrate the NOC TT system with Complex Accounting and Financial Analysis system — AccuCore, another software product by Speedflow Communications. In this case, AccuCore keeps track of the status of incident notification and receiving answers from suppliers. If the problem has not been solved, the system will send reminder notices to managers. Thus the set of Mediacore Softswitch with built-in Guardian and AccuCore system provides full traffic analysis process automatization and NOC services efficiency. This software implementation can benefit your business growth.


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