The MediaCore – an innovative multifunctional Class 4 solution for voice and SMS traffic

wholesale softswitch

The MediaCore Softswitch is a scalable and high-performance Class 4 Softswitch designed specially for VoIP wholesale providers

10 reasons to choose the MediaCore Solution
wholesale softswitch 1. Unified Point of Control System
wholesale softswitch 2. Wholesale SMS support
wholesale softswitch 3. Jurisdictional Routing, LNP/MNP Dipping
wholesale softswitch 4. Automated Call Quality Testing Portal
wholesale softswitch 5. Time-saving Features for Business Optimization
wholesale softswitch 6. Native Protocol & Codec Converter
wholesale softswitch 7. Guardian Revenue Assurance System for Traffic Monitoring & Analysis
wholesale softswitch 8. Responsive Interface
wholesale softswitch 9. On-line 24/7 Technical Support (STS) & Trainings
wholesale softswitch 10. Free Regular Release Updates
The MediaCore Solution has an advanced report generation system and comprehensive data visualization tools. It provides staff with all necessary information such as profit summary, spam calls, ASR/ACD and call path analysis reports along with in-depth charts and diagrams.

The MediaCore transforms routing, financial and technical data into clear and accessible charts and graphs, vital for business analysis and planning.

Our Benefits:

  • Buyout / Leasing / Hosted Options
  • Regular Free Release Updates
  • 24/7 Technical Support Team
Unprecedented data integrity and security within the MediaCore is guaranteed by transparent role setting for database access and on-line monitoring. Even during service procedures, our Support Team will not have access to your commercial data. Native firewall, clustering and backup mechanisms effectively handle today's security threats.