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The MediaCore Clients' Testimonials

The MediaCore – an innovative multifunctional Class 4 switching and billing solution

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Case Study. Divox International Inc. improved e­fficiency & enabled hassle free operations (pdf)

Speedflow Partner Channel Programme Case Study based on G5 Interlinks (pdf)

Case Study. MediaCore as a Perfect Solution for Startups. (pdf)

wholesale softswitch

wholesale softswitch


The MediaCore Softswitch is a scalable and high-performance Class 4 Softswitch designed specially for VoIP wholesale providers

Unprecedented data integrity and security in our products are guaranteed by transparent role setting for database access and on-line access monitoring. Even during service procedures, support don't have access to commercial data. Native firewall, clustering and backup mechanisms handle today's security threats.

    The MediaCore is a flexible and multifunctional VoIP solution which has the following advantages:

  • end-to-end solution with modular structure;
  • session border controller functionality;
  • SMS support via SMPP protocol;
  • user friendly and functional Web Interface;
  • native SIP — H.323 protocol converter;
  • multi-level security mechanism;
  • regular free updates;
  • 24/7 technical support;

The MediaCore Solution has an advanced report generation system. Each report is supplied with special filters which allow selecting the required information on the client, destination, date, parameter, etc. This system allows generating a wide variety of implemented reports about:

  • active calls;
  • incoming calls;
  • outgoing calls;
  • unauthorized calls;
  • full amount of calls;
  • potential routes for incoming calls;
  • potential routes for outgoing calls;
  • traffic volume for the last day, week, month, etc.
  • future potential routes

The MediaCore Softswitch is easy to use even for beginners.

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