10 Facts You Should Know About MediaCore

Deciding upon the right VoIP solution is a difficult task. The number of solutions make it difficult to make the right choice. These ten facts about the MediaCore are going to help you in the decision making process.

1. Guardian Revenue Assurance Mechanism

Guardian is an artificial intelligence designed to prevent revenue leakage and solve operational issues. It continuously monitors traffic quality, detects FAS, automatically blocks troubled destinations, generates TTs, and sends notifications in case of any suspicious network changes.

2. Multiple Routing Algorithms and Modes.

To meet all your business requirements, the MediaCore offers a number of routing algorithms: LCR, Quality, and Profit-based routing. To provide you more flexibility – Percentage and Priority-based routing modes are offered, too.

3. Advanced and Simple Routing engines

Two routing engines, that address routing tasks of different complexity, were maintained on the Platform. For more elaborate settings, routing based on dial-peers was designed.

4. Filterable Reports

The flexible reporting tool provides managers, technicians, and executives with all the necessary information to keep in touch with their business flow. Every day the MediaCore users take advantage of financial summary, spam calls, ASR-ACD, and call path analysis reports along with in-depth charts and diagrams.

5. Comprehensive Data Visualization

The MediaCore offers convenient visualization tools to cover all aspects of your business. The MediaCore VoIP solution turns the volume of routing, financial and technical data into clear and accessible charts and graphs, vital for business analyses and planning.

6. Network Tools

The Unified Point Of Control System provides users with all the required tools and features for successful and efficient work. Consequently, technical professionals can benefit from highly convenient network tools, namely, firewall control, TCP dump, Ping/ Traceroute/MTR that help to solve interconnection issues quickly and efficiently.

7. Automatic Service Restoration

Comprehensive Financial Settings automate workflow and enable users to deal with all financial matters. For instance, the MediaCore automatically resumes services for previously blocked clients when they top up their balance.

8. Price Creation Mechanism

The Price List Creation mechanism facilitates the procedure of price list generation. In a couple of clicks, your price list is ready for sending out to your client. To make things easier, you can create the price list based on your supplier’s rates adding any margin by % or $.

9. User Control Panel

An essential administrative tool for all executives is included in the System, too. Platform owners can supervise all events and changes made in the system. When necessary, the administrator can log out or block any user at any time. Besides, the MediaCore backups the history of all interactions within the System.

10. Integrated SMS Module

Along with voice switching, transcoding and billing, the MediaCore supports SMS provision via SMPP protocol. By delivering both VoIP and SMS services to the market, our customers can shift their businesses to new levels of efficiency and profitability.

With the many benefits it can bring, why not give the MediaCore a try?

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