December 2010

We take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year and a very Merry Christmas!

We thank you for being our partners and believe we continue our cooperation through many more wonderful years.

2010 has been a year of progress for Speedflow Communications. Our Telecom Services have expanded their offering to corporate and end user clients as well as in wholesale field. Solutions Mediacore (Class 4), Callmax(Class 5), Guardian(Revenue Assurance), Routing and Billing are available not only as standalone solutions, but also as Unified Point of Control. Pay-And-Get has been deployed in Africa and Middle East. Accucore system with its comfortable menu, quick algorithms, and effective “slippery situations” monitoring has been expanded with the Advanced Payment Calendar report, analytical data in CDR reports, report delivery system now works with mobile devices as well.

Vlad Ellis from Speedflow Communications

SV: Can you talk a little about the ways Speedflow’s products can be used to help businesses optimize the time they can spend working on core business needs?

VE: The main idea behind our products is that "each and everything that can be described, can be automated." We carefully study daily routines from a broad range of our customers and partners and convert them into "Best Practice Business Processes" reflected in our software features. This helps to eliminate routine from the work-flow.