November 2015

SMS Solution

The SMS Transit business has been rapidly growing for some time but there are still some industry issues that require to be addressed. New carriers find it hard to enter the business because of the limited offerings which are also pretty costly. But what if there was a product that does not require massive investments in high-priced infrastructure and comes with its own 24/7 support team? Wonder no more, because we have your answer - MediaCore SMS Solution.

GCCM Africa 2015

Continuing our season of conferences and trade-shows, the Speedflow Team decided to attend the Global Carrier Community Meeting (GCCM) in Cape Town on 16-17 November. The choice of host is perfect - developing markets need quality services and know-how more than anyone else and we are certainly prepared to deliver. Over 350 carrier members are expected to attend so you can be sure that it is an event not to miss.

Class 4 softswitch for startups

For more than 7 years on software market, Speedflow has steadily been expanding the market share by offering a range of services and products to its partners. We know very well how hard it is to succeed so we always look for ways to help market players achieve their growth. This year we have decided to give a boost to smaller businesses by offering one of our best products, the MediaCore, with a great discount for new customers. This way you can safely try our Top Quality Solution with minimum investments and focus on testing its full capabilities.