March 2016

AccuCore Voip ERP One thing any business can find useful, is to have a careful plan, based on a detailed analysis of the surrounding environment. AccuCore platform by Speedflow presents various ways to assist you, from your rate and price planning, comparisons, analytics and a ton of useful reports that follow all the latest IAS/GAAP standards. The best thing about AccuCore VoIP ERP is that it does not matter what softswitch or application you are using - through the API you can connect and integrate with practically any SBC. А single solution with so many purposes!

telecom partners

Loyalty is one of the greatest gift a business can receive from its customers. It does not just signify satisfaction from the product/service, it is the overall comfort with the brand and everything it offers. Loyal clients are also one of the most valuable assets because their positive word of mouth also brings new prospects on board. As faithfulness is a two-way gift, Speedflow introduces a great new campaign for existing telecom partners.

AWC Miami

Early March is normally a time of rains and unpredictable weather all across Europe but that is never the case in sunny Miami. The Speedflow Team just got back from the wonderful Americas Wholesale Congress 2016 held in The Magic City and we are feeling more refreshed than ever. Our Team got through a big chunk of work, meeting lots of partners and raising awareness about our development services.