July 2016

ITW 2016Dear Partners! More than 2 months have passed after ITW 2016 but we are still hyped from all the wonderful connections and partnerships we were able to create. We wanted to show all of our friends how useful it is to attend all those events and conferences and this is why we decided to share a couple of stories that turned into great deals*. Let us show you Speedflow at ITW from a different angle!

As soon as June passes, many companies are making a recap of their first 6 months - what has changed, how much they've grown, did they manage to push through innovations and so on. This year Speedflow decided to make you all a part of our recap with a series of video interviews with key members from our staff. Let’s start with the professionals that make our product line so stellar and refined - the Software Sales Team. You can find a transcription of the interview below the video!