2018 Opens New Opportunities for MediaCore SBC Users

2018 Opens New Opportunities for MediaCore SBC UsersNowadays the VoIP market isn’t growing as fast as it used to a few years ago. Business dynamics have changed and some vendors even seized the development of their platforms or don’t do it so actively anymore. In order to stay on the crest of a wave, it’s essential to have an up-to-date SBC to guarantee the robust performance of your VoIP and SMS operations.

That is why Speedflow Team constantly updates the MediaCore SBC. Its latest version 4.6.2 has just been released, but our R&D Team is working hard on the next one. We build our roadmap according to the latest industry trends and implement needed features immediately, helping our MediaCore customers be traditionally a step ahead on the VoIP market.

Moreover, our development process is designed not only to add new features to the system but also to optimize existing ones. Knowing that time is the most precious resource makes us strive to develop products which are as time-saving and user-friendly as possible. Our updates and optimizations have proved to help managers and directors by saving their time and making company workflow more effective.

We also offer special easy-migration plans for users of other platforms. Our experienced engineers will make the implementation and migration procedure smooth and fast for both VoIP and SMS carriers. Don’t waste any more time and start the new 2018 with more development opportunities for your business.

If you want to try the newest MediaCore demo, contact us at info@speedflow.com.


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