MediaCore SBC
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1А Arch. Kamen Petkov str., Plovdiv, 4017, Bulgaria

MediaCore’s packet switching ensures that you are always getting the best efficiency of your connection. Packages are routed through the least congested and most affordable lines. What you get is an uninterrupted and cost-effective connection for any of your VoIP needs.

The MediaCore softswitch provides:

  • Scalability
  • Redundancy
  • Security

Its carrier-grade architecture ensures industry leading performance:

  • Average time of one call routing — 0,001-0,002 seconds;
  • Call rate: 200+ call per second per server
  • Concurrent calls: unlimited in cluster configuration

MediaCore contains an efficient billing system that covers all the needs of the VoIP and SMS providers. The module comes with a ton of useful features like automatic invoicing, exporting CDR’s, viewing of current calls on-line statistics, credit limit control and others.

The MediaCore billing system includes:

  • Multicurrency
  • Online and aggregated CDRs
  • API for integration with third-party ERP, CMS, CRM, OSS/BSS software
  • Automatic invoice generation
  • VAT accounting
  • Payment Calendar – special tool to monitor clients' debt
  • Loop detection mechanism
  • Comprehensive financial analysis

Our advanced routing mechanisms include a wide variety of tools and parameters that meet needs of any VoIP operator. With the MediaCore routing options you can be sure you are getting the best quality and profit opportunities. The routing tools include:

  • Least Cost Routing
  • Jurisdictional Routing
  • LNP/MNP Dipping
  • Load Balancing
  • QoS
  • Profit based routing
  • Our simple and advanced routing modes make the MediaCore convenient for any-sized VoIP carriers.

Converting your media stream from one codec/protocol to another has never been easier. MediaCore supports all popular VoIP codecs, as well as a variety of protocols. Forget about productivity interruptions and slowdowns and pick MediaCore Softswitch for your VoIP business.

Supported Codecs:

  • g729(a,b,ab)
  • g723(5.3,6.3)
  • g711(u-law,a-law)
  • GSM FR

    Supported Protocols:

  • SIP v.2.0 (RFC 3261, RFC 4566)
  • H.323 v.6 (H.245 v.13, H.225 v.6)
  • SMPP v3.4 protocol for SMS
  • T.38 Fax Relay Protocol

What better than a well developed and tested revenue assurance system? With Guardian you have a user-friendly solution that masters a variety of functions – automatic FAS detection based on ASD/ACR analysis, auto-lock for problematic routes, traffic monitoring, supplier notifications.

Guardian is equipped with a helpful wizard included in the system that allows installing it in just few short minutes. Furthermore, Guardian performs the functions of a VoIP Trouble Ticket Automatic System (NOC TT). As a result, our automated solution can detect VoIP fraud schemes to prevent losses.

For traffic quality estimation Guardian uses the following parameters:

  • Average call duration (ACD);
  • Answer seizure ratio (ASR);
  • PDD (post dial delay)
  • Total amount of connection attempts;
  • Successful connection attempts – all calls with a duration of more than 0 sec;
  • Short calls with duration of less than 30 sec;
  • Сalls profitability

An essential module for quality carrier-to-carrier SMS services. Consisting of Switching, Routing and Billing elements, the SMS module performs simple and advanced routing modes and supports LCR functionality, priority and day/time based routing, TX/RX and TRX connection modes.

The SMS Billing module provides filterable billing reports, client/destination financial analysis, XDR (SMS detail record), and automatic invoice generation.

The SMS Solution benefits from:

  • Convenient web interface
  • MCC-MNC codes table
  • In-built diagrams/graphs
  • API for interconnection with ERP, CMS, CRM, OSS/BSS systems.