5 Reasons to Migrate to Class 4 Softswitch

Last updated: November 24, 2022


A Softswitch is a long-term investment that requires a certain level of commitment from VoIP service providers. This dedication is understandable and generally beneficial. Except when carriers exceed the advantages of their initial solution. A move to a different Softswitch may be an option for them. The pros of making the choice to migrate to a Class 4 Softswitch, in order to get a more powerful and flexible platform far outweigh the cons of staying on an old Softswitch.


By being able to work with any existing infrastructure, the new and upgraded platform can enable carriers to handle larger volumes and a wider variety of traffic in a more efficient and profitable manner.

Furthermore, carriers who want to grow their business but can’t because of their platform want to migrate. Here are five compelling arguments in favour of switching to a class 4 Softswitch:

Effortless transition

The process of migrating is typically seamless and unobtrusive to regular business activities throughout the transitional phase. The technical team is responsible for handling all time-consuming issues linked with it. After implementing the server arrangements, they will set the system to a “ready” status and offer further assistance. Changing from any other Softswitch to MediaCore could take anywhere from a few hours to a week, depending on how long it takes to change the other parts of the system.

Training and assistance

After the system is up and running, the customer will get all the platform instructional videos they need.  A member of our technical team will show you and your team how to use the platform and answer any questions you might have. Even though our Softswitch has a lot of features, it has one of the easiest interfaces out there, which makes it easy to learn and use. During this time, your old Softswitch will still be online, so there won’t be any problems.

Proactive technical support

Customers who just switched to MediaCore can also improve their security by signing up for one of its technical support plans. The support team keeps an eye out for problems and takes care of them. They use a variety of in-house tools to make sure your business’s technical parts work as smoothly as possible.

Regular new releases.

We keep MediaCore up to date. New features and improvements are added to the software in order to make your company more productive. Each update is sure to be useful and work well because it is based on customer feedback, our many years of experience as a VoIP carrier, and new ideas. Users can keep up with performance and security challenges in the industry both now and in the future by using the updated MediaCore platform. The platform has everything a VoIP and SMS business needs to be successful.

Excellent reputation 

MediaCore is a strong and scalable platform that helps carriers grow. Its SMS module, which can also be used on its own, is a platform for consolidating SMS messages that have won an award at the 2019 Messaging and SMS World awards. Because of this, leading companies in the industry know and trust MediaCore as a solution. For a smooth and successful future with voice and SMS, choose the quick and easy migration to MediaCore.

A new Softswitch can be assigned when there is a lot of traffic without removing the previous one. The outdated platform is still usable for other tested traffic. The previous platform can also be rented to partners and used as an additional source of income

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