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Speedflow always cares about the MediaCore customers. We are delighted to announce the MediaCore SaaS Promo to reward the companies in the industry, that prefer flexibility and always go for cost reduction strategies. Our offer is applicable for popular Host/Rent MediaCore SBC packages. If you are looking for a reliable Softswitch for your VoIP business for less, paying a monthly fee without additional commitments - it is the right time to do it!

Class 4 MediaCore Softswitch

One year ago Divox International Inc. was announced as the 100th customer of the MediaCore Softswitch. Over this time Divox has increased the capacity of the softswitch 50 times starting with 300 and upgrading it to 15 000 concurrent calls! At the moment the company leverages geographically distributed servers cluster which allows them to maintain the system.

VoIP Wholesale Business

Turn-key solutions are bread and butter for telecom vendor's businesses. There are numerous benefits of getting all you need from one vendor. The main advantage is that such a provider is inside the project and knows all the details of it. Vendor prepares custom-made solution, and you can be sure that it meets your requirements absolutely. The same supplier maintains your softswitch and can solve all your questions. You always know who can help you. That’s why turn-key solutions are so popular now.