5 Reasons to Migrate to MediaCore

migrationA softswitch is a long-term investment, which comes with certain requirements for commitment from VoIP providers. This commitment is understandable and usually a good thing, except when carriers outgrow the benefits that their initial solution gives them. Then, they are faced with the thought of potential migration to another softswitch.

The advantages of migration to a more flexible and powerful platform far outweigh the stagnating option of sticking it out with an outdated softswitch. One of them is that migration doesn’t mean that the old platform will become obsolete. Instead, the new and improved platform can be used in conjunction with any existing infrastructure to expand carriers’ capacity to process bigger volumes, and different types, of traffic more efficiently and profitably. A new softswitch, for example, can be allocated to deal with demanding traffic, such as CC traffic, without retiring the old softswitch, which can still be used for other, already tried and tested traffic. Migration can be beneficial in a lot of other ways too, including the option to rent out the old platform to partners and earn additional revenue.

For carriers who experience limitations with their platform and want to expand their operations, we recommend migrating to MediaCore—a full-package, powerful and scalable voice and SMS solution.

We present to you 5 reasons to migrate to the MediaCore SBC:

1. Quick, hassle-free migration

The MediaCore migration procedure is smooth and non-disruptive to day-to-day operations. Our technical team deals with all the time-consuming aspects related to it. Once server arrangements are agreed upon, they will configure the system to ‘ready’ status, providing assistance every step of the way. The time it usually takes to migrate to MediaCore from any softswitch ranges from several hours to a week, depending on other side factors.

2. Training and assistance

Once the system is in place, the customer will receive all needed tutorials related to the platform and a short training period will be initiated. A member of our technical team will teach you and your team how to use the platform and will assist you with any questions you might have. Despite its feature-rich base, MediaCore has one of the easiest interfaces around, making it intuitive to learn and use. In the meantime, your old softswitch will, of course, be still online, so no disruptions will occur.

3. Proactive technical support

By subscribing to one of MediaCore’s technical support plans, newly migrated customers can also receive a boost to their security. The 24/7 support team monitor, identify and act upon any arising issues. They use a variety of in-house tools to ensure the technical cogs of your business run in the smoothest way.

4. Regular new releases

Speedflow keeps MediaCore up to date. Every new update introduces new features and refinements for increased business performance. The effectiveness and value of each update are assured, as they are based on customer feedback, our broad experience as a VoIP carrier and innovative thought. The MediaCore platform is maintained to enable users to stay on top of present and future industry issues related to performance and security. The platform offers all the tools needed to run a successful VoIP and SMS business.

5. Excellent Reputation

MediaCore is a robust and scalable platform that enables carriers to grow. Its SMS module, which is also available as a stand-alone solution, is an award-winning SMS aggregation platform, having received recognition at the Messaging and SMS World awards 2019. As such, MediaCore is a well-known and trusted solution by leading industry companies.

Choose the quick and easy migration to MediaCore for a smooth and successful future in voice and SMS!


52NexchangeEveryone deserves to have an excellent SBC and a top-notch support to back it up!     – OM Telentia52Nexchange    With the MediaCore softswitch, we don’t worry about network stability.    – ALKAIP52NexchangeMediaCore is a highly secured platform. We recommend it for VoIP carriers.     – CONFIAR


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