8 ideas how SMS can improve your Retail Business

Retail businessIts 2016 and mobile phone usage is at an all time high. People are constantly around their mobile devices so any retail business would want to take advantage of that. SMS messaging has been, and still is, a very major part of that process. According to a CMO Council case study the open rate for SMS is still 98%, and 91% of those are read within the first 3 minutes of their sending. So if you have something to say – one of the best ways to say it is via SMS.

1. SMS marketing campaigns – undoubtedly the best boost for your business. Be it a new product promotion, a coupon or discount code or a prize-winning game – bulk SMS messaging provides a quick and easy way to engage your audience.

2. Build your database – offer your audience a good incentive and they will gladly share their details with you. An interested prospect is halfway converted to a happy customer, remember that!

3. Track satisfaction – no easier way to ask all your clients if they are happy, than with a simple SMS containing a short survey. You can let them rate your retail business from 1-10 and see the level of general happiness.

4. Find loyal influencers – once you find your satisfied audience you can pick out the happiest and see if you can offer them something more. They already love you and they are one step from converting to your next brand advocates.

5. Online Orders/Deliveries – as a retail business you probably do a lot of sales. SMS is a very effortless way to notify your customers that their order has been received, confirm product availability or give further info.

6. Employee alerts – bigger retail companies with a lot of employees, might find SMS services quite useful as it is a sure way to buzz your crew instead of hoping they open their emails while they are off duty.

7. Product recalls – no one likes mistakes but the fact is that they sometimes happen and its important to react as fast as possible. Use SMS messaging to notify your clients of a wrong/defective production and request their action in no time.

8. Internal Monitoring – always be a step ahead of any IT issues and rest assured that your technical team is promptly notified of the situation and are already working on it.

Regardless of the size of your retail business bulk SMS messaging can play an integral part. Bet on a tested solution and give your company an extra push toward success. Contact Speedflow at sms.services@speedflow.com for premium bulk SMS services today!


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