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Video Interview - SMS services Welcome back friends, with our series of interviews that will present you a review of the Speedflow services and achievements in the first six months of 2016!

We already got a sneak peak behind the curtains of the Software Sales Team and now its time for some exciting news from the Head of our SMS Team. Watch the interview with our very own Dimitar Gatev and see how your SMS business can also benefit with Speedflow!

Retail businessIts 2016 and mobile phone usage is at an all time high. People are constantly around their mobile devices so any retail business would want to take advantage of that. SMS messaging has been, and still is, a very major part of that process. According to a CMO Council case study the open rate for SMS is still 98%, and 91% of those are read within the first 3 minutes of their sending. So if you have something to say - one of the best ways to say it is via SMS.