SMS Services​

First-class wholesale SMS services, SMS termination, and Bulk SMS services

1-hop and 0-hop connections to mobile operators which guarantee high capacity, instant delivery, and reasonable prices

SMPP​ & SS7 Messaging


Enabling users to send and receive SMS messages to and from GSM, CDMA, and other phones. Making use of SMPP (which stands for Short Message Peer-to-Peer protocol) means maintaining a high level of service. 


End-to-end SMS traffic visibility — track message failure/blocking GTs, Sender-IDs, and other metadata. GMS Messaging Protection operations (such as testing and grey route detection)

A2P and OTP messaging


The number of messages from applications to people (A2P) is going up. A2P SMS traffic includes SMS confirmations, alerts, real-time notifications, and more.

OTP messaging

One-time password (OTP) SMS is a type of A2P messaging that is becoming more common.  Our company uses reliable SMS routes to make sure that one-time passwords are sent quickly and safely.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

Termination of outbound 1-way A2P mobile marketing messages. The system handles bulk SMS marketing, informative, and other traffic successfully. Transmit messages instantly at market-best rates.

Direct, Wholesale, SIM & HQ

Direct, Wholesale, SIM & HQ

High-quality delivery and sender ID control with direct connections to cell providers worldwide. The guaranteed best price-to-quality ratio for Wholesale SMS routes in the industry.