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ERP Accucore

Among the company’s many offerings, an ERP system Accucore helps VoIP companies automate and more effectively manage their business processes.

Sergey Dyatchenko, project leader for ERP Accucore at Speedflow Communications, discusses the solution’s main advantages like rich functionality and serviceability as well as the ability to quickly and efficiently implement the offering.

Accucore system is positioned as one of the first most full-fledged ERP systems for VoIP business. Could you tell us which solutions the system offers and whether it allows solving all business functions of a VoIP company?

Definitely, Accucore system obtains all the necessary advantages of the up-to-date ERP solution by automating all the unique processes for VoIP business. Accucore system combines the tools for managing all the information flows inside the company, provides information support between other companies, and has wide opportunities for financial management – analysis and decision making.

I would like to admit that Accucore system was designed as a multifunctional accounting system for manufacturing and commercial enterprises with various business processes. The system has been successfully exploited by large factories and commercial enterprises. Accucore system, without a doubt, ‘knows’ what accurate accounting is.

Later VoIP market took our attention and we found out that there is nearly no specialized ERP solution that can integrate different business processes. VoIP companies face traffic volumes increase, the demands for existing accounting and managing programs, user quantity that work simultaneously in the system grows. There arises a necessity for such software products which could interact with billing systems and broaden their functions, meet the demands for analytical capabilities of the system, etc.

Having analyzed the situation we developed a specialized ERP-system taking into account VoIP operators’ needs. Accucore – it is ’over the billing’ system. All the data in ERP and billing systems are automatically synchronized. The system independently interacts with a user, generates analytical reports and carries out all back-office functions of a VoIP company.

The system was designed as an accounting ERP-system. It has undergone various stages of development and became a VoIP ERP-system. It contains such specialized functions as: operation with prices, targets, CDR comparison, etc. And the system core (cash and cashless accounting, mutual settlements with vendors and customers, balance generating, etc.) – all mentioned features were implemented in the system far earlier and was tested by a big number of users.

How would you briefly characterize the Accucore system advantages?

Firstly, as our customers say, – the main advantages are rich functionality and serviceability comparing to other products on the market. Secondly, fast and efficient implementation. What is more, the system integrates various functions of specialized programs.

Have you ever come across any complexities during ERP-system implementation? Sometimes the customers don’t want to share confidential information and don’t trust high-technology products. How did you handle such issues?

It is common practice when the executive doesn’t want to make his data public, – if talking about ERP, – it goes about the information about the company’s overall accounting, all figures, total profits, etc. Our staff developed the algorithm for customers’ support without entering into their system. In case there is a necessity to update the system or to settle current issues, we tackle them together with the customer by using a remote customer’s screen monitoring program.

I would like to admit that most of the companies cooperate with us only because they trust us and therefore, we value our reputation. Our customers rarely control our work – as they know we always act in good faith.

Our business is built on trustworthy relationships with our partners. Confidentiality – is one of the significant characteristics of our team which is highly appreciated by our partners. We efficiently maintain their business which is vital. Our partners’ references, who implemented Accucore, play a major role in spreading our software products.

The system might have magnificent solutions but customer’s unskilled stuff might decrease its efficiency. Is there any scheme of training customer’s stuff on Accucore system implementation? What is done to get the stuff to exploit the system at most so that the company could feel the effect of this system implementation?

We work in different ways with customer’s stuff. Firstly – we provide them with brief technical information on which the system is based: VoIP concept, routing principles, price-lists generating structure, etc. Secondly – training on the system’s features. First of all, we try to minimize the necessity of going through complex manuals. It became possible due to several reasons.

Firstly, the system interface is designed in such a way that even an unskilled user without any help can make out most of the system’s functions in a short time. Moreover, we developed a pack of video manuals which help to clear up difficult questions.

However, the most prospective approach is when the customer assigns one person to be trained and later on who is responsible for tackling all the issues. Such method encourages the stuff to interact closely with each other.

Constant development and acquiring new knowledge – is one of the most positive aspects of automated system implementation. It improves staff qualification. The routine work disappears and the stuff has spare time for brain work and business matters discussion by working in the system which makes them go forward.

In which direction will the system evolve further?

The system is designed by modules. In the future, we are not going to complicate existing modules but to extend the functions by introducing new modules. For instance, today the system tackles all the tasks for wholesale VoIP operator. In the near future, the new modules for operation with origination customers will be developed. Moreover, apart from new ones we are enhancing more advanced versions of the reports requested by the managers in daily routine.

As the functions increase, the system complexity rises and it becomes too sophisticated for beginner-companies. We will try to find a compromise between the requests of experienced users and the beginner ones. We will create hidden menus for different companies types. At the moment we are working on increasing the system efficiency.

What are the principles of Accucore system development plans?

We research the market; carry out surveys with our customers. Due to this, we are aware of the required functions and what is being implemented in other systems. I would like to admit that the majority of the companies are starting to refuse from complex accounting systems as they are extremely complicated. Functionality and flexibility is our major concern. We try not to complicate the system without need. We aim to reduce the volumes of routine work and not to enslave a user by the system but to give him space for analytical activities. We offer our partners not just an automated system but an accounting concept and help to get rid of existing errors and complexities in business processes.

‘The system which gives you time to spare’

It was said by one of our customers about Accucore system. The system simplifies all routine work and spares time for interaction with customers. Efficiency increase result in profitability growth after the system implementation. High spirits and work satisfaction – positive emotional result.

Our program is a tool and environment in which companies’ stuff spend a significant part of their working time. If they are satisfied with their work and there are no misunderstandings, if the system helps them to handle all the tasks easily and to earn more money – we consider our mission accomplished.


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