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Speedflow is pleased to announce updated AccuCore packages designed to increase your business performance and optimize VoIP and SMS operations. Our AccuCore system is available as a powerful MediaCore SBC complementary product. Its full version can also be integrated with other softswitches and SBC, but for immediate result and advanced reliability Speedflow recommends MediaCore and AccuCore duo.

ITW 2016Dear Partners! More than 2 months have passed after ITW 2016 but we are still hyped from all the wonderful connections and partnerships we were able to create. We wanted to show all of our friends how useful it is to attend all those events and conferences and this is why we decided to share a couple of stories that turned into great deals*. Let us show you Speedflow at ITW from a different angle!

ERP Accucore

Among the company’s many offerings, an ERP system Accucore helps VoIP companies automate and more effectively manage their business processes.

Sergey Dyatchenko, project leader for ERP Accucore at Speedflow Communications, discusses the solution’s main advantages like rich functionality and serviceability as well as the ability to quickly and efficiently implement the offering.